Bandipur Tiger Reserve EntranceThe Bandipur National Park and Tiger Reserve is situated in Mysore (Nanjungud and H.D.Kote taluks) and Chamarajanagar (Gundlupet taluk) districts of Karnataka state and lies between the North Latitudes 110 35' 34" and 110 55' 02" and between the East Longitudes 760 12' 17" and 760 51' 32".



Bandipur Tiger Reserve ReceptionThis National Park was formed by including most of the forest areas of the then Venugopala Wildlife Park constituting and established under Govt. Notification dated 19th February 1941 and its Sanctum Sanctorum at Bandipur in the year 1974 but published in 1985 gazette extending over an area of 874.20 Sq.Km and named as Bandipur National Park.  This reserve was brought under Project Tiger in 1973.  Subsequently some adjacent reserve forest areas were added to the reserve and extending to 880.02 Sq. Km.  At the time Final Notification issued to Bandipur National Park in Government Order No. FEE 211 FWL 98 dated 17-6-2001 an area of 3.20 Sq.Km. in Begur Reserve Forest and 4.28 Sq.Km. from Katwal Reserve Forest have been excluded which were released for tribal rehabilitation in Government order No. AFD 354 FGL 68 dated 31-10-1968 and AFD 372 FGL 69 dated 2-9-1969.  An area of 0.30 Sq.Km. of Forest Land has been excluded for Temple purpose in Kaniyanapura block – II & III.


The Bandipur Tiger Reserve Map: